Want help with your marriage or committed relationship? You are in the right place.

Mike and Elizabeth Thomas

It is not pleasant to have marriage or relationship stress. The good news is you’re looking around for someone to help. We aren’t here to change your personalities and we are not here to find out who the "bad guy" is.

Whether you’re being told to find a counselor, or are the one pursuing help, we hold firmly that there is no good guy/bad guy in a marriage.  There are as many marriage styles as there are people, so we're honed in on who you both are and what you want out of your marriage. No boiler plate models or formulas.

We are married and both marriage and family therapists but do not see couples together. You can believe we live what we share, which is that marriage is not always easy, but walking into the pain, if done the right way, will always make things better in the end.