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Mike and Elizabeth Thomas

Here we are! We married in 2003, as "regular people" not marriage therapists. While we don't see clients together, we're greatly informed by our own differences when we work with our clients who invariably play out similar dances we play in our own marriage.

Mike Thomas has a business degree from University of Texas-Austin. His life has been spent in GA, TX and Minnesota since moving up in 1999.

Elizabeth Thomas has a psychology degree from Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her life has been spent in IA, OK and Minnesota.

Mike took the plunge first, attending University of Wisconsin-Stout to get his masters in marriage and family therapy in 2008. He's a fully licensed MFT.

Elizabeth went second, getting her same degree, same university, in 2013. She is an associate licensed marriage and family therapist on a very long track for "full" licensure, since most of her time is spent running an international business that supports therapists and marriages with her online trainings and websites with The Doherty Relationship Institute.

We are down to earth, love our work with couples, and have a lot to offer the right couple. Our sensitivities are strong for: folks with medical issues, "geeks", any cultural gaps in your marriage or if you're simply not a native Minnesotan, and while we stay in the present, we can quickly pick up on struggles from your pasts that may be bouncing around in your present struggles.