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In the Media

​When not seeing clients, Elizabeth's work is often in the media - running The Doherty Relationship Institute with her father. The latest big website for marriages is newly launched (summer 2017) called

Elizabeth has been part of some great adventures that landed her on the editing floor for a Today Show story about her premarital site, The First Dance. That work has also given her a lot of great publicity in various print and radio, with the most prestigious award being a Modern Bride Magazine Trendsetter award.

Elizabeth was on MPR talking about a book on marriage. You can hear her voice and feedback on modern marriage, feminism and other random discussion here.

Elizabeth also had a fun time on an Aging but Dangerous podcast, talking about relationships and “emotional disguises."

The latest work has put her efforts in MPR, USA Today, and traveling internationally, with media attention where she has been for trainings on Marital First Responders.

Mike discussing Deanna Favre and the allegations against her husband
Aired October 21, 2010 on KARE 11 News (Video unavailable.)