On the Brink of Divorce - Minnesota Couples Counseling

On the Brink of Divorce

If you or your spouse is very uncertain if you want to work on the marriage, or pursue divorce, then you may be a perfect couple for something called: Discernment Counseling.

It's a short term (1-5 sessions) approach with the goal of gaining clarity and confidence on what has gotten you to this point in your marriage and what direction you'd like to take. There are three paths: Path 1- status quo. Neither work on the marriage nor divorce. Path 2 - separation or divorce. Path 3 - a six month, all out effort at couples therapy, with divorce off the table and a full "all hands on deck" attitude to see if the marriage can be improved.

This service is 2 hours for the first session and if both of you wish to continue, the next sessions are 90 minutes. Elizabeth offers this service but only has daytime limited hours. There is a big network of Discernment Counselors in the twin cities. She can assist you in finding someone and, if necessary, can be a "path 3" therapist if you end up going out further location wise, but would rather have weekly sessions in this location.

FOR SUMMER TIME, Mondays can offer some flexibility for the 2 hour intake and 90 minute sessions for this service. If you both chose to pursue marriage counseling, it may work out to continue with me, Elizabeth, make a referral to Mike in this same office suite, or someone else can get a "warm referral" from me so our work continues on with someone else.