Getting Started - Minnesota Couples Counseling

Getting Started

We are located across from the Roseville Library at, just off Hamline Ave from Highway 36.

2233 Hamline Avenue North Suite 520 in Roseville, Minnesota 55113

We get clients from all parts of Saint Paul, Minneapolis and any suburb. We're not more than 20 minutes from much of the Twin Cities.

Mike has a Tuesday-Thursday schedule 10am-5pm.

Elizabeth currently has 1 Monday slots available. (2pm.) FOR DISCERNMENT COUNSELING, we can work on more options on Mondays or Tuesdays because it's a short term service.

There are no evening hours available for either of us.

Cash based (insurance doesn't believe in couples therapy and we have chosen not to play the game of forcing a mental health diagnosis on one of you in order to be reimbursed for treating your individual problem) we take check, credit cards (including HSA, check your plan) and of course, cash.

Mike is currently $140 per one hour session. Elizabeth is $120 per one hour session. We don't do longer/more expensive intakes like some therapists and we prefer to meet weekly at first, but are quite flexible over time.

We greatly prefer email as the start and do not do initial consults by phone as a normal practice but have no problem coordinating a call if need be. (Discernment Counseling with Elizabeth requires a phone screen for each spouse.)

We have a contact form to make it easier to reach out, but our direct emails are below the contact form.

  • (We will send you a copy of this form. If you do not see it in your inbox, you typed something wrong.)
  • Elizabeth has a 2pm Monday opening.