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Couples Therapy With Mike

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but there are endless ways for two people to find common ground in their differences. 

Mike takes an attachment and differentiation approach which basically means he believes that each of us is designed to feel loved and be loved and anything that makes us nervous, anxious, annoyed, mad, scared, frustrated.... those can best be "talked at" through these two lenses.

The best part of this attachment lens is that we can pretty quickly get to the root emotion and if your spouse can hear you (with my help of course) then big changes can occur in the room and that leads into your home life being better.

I don't believe anyone is perfect and I really want you to be YOU, not some stereotype of a therapy client, or not some drone who uses the right "I feel" statements. There are no mind readering therapists and I'm very open to being corrected if I get something wrong in what I think may be going on for you or your spouse.

I greatly enjoy helping couples because the heat, the energy, the "reality check" both of you want is only offered when both of you are in the room. (As compared to individual therapy where you could spend years believing your story is reality, only to find a few sessions with your spouse is quite eye opening! We all make false assumptions about our spouses...often without even realizing they're assumptions, not reality.)

I talk normal to you, not in some therapist tone. Yes, I do love the fancy professional words that pinpoint certain experiences or feelings, but they are used with an apology in advance and a quick definition to see if that framing helps or not.

Laughing is common in my office. This couples therapy work can be really intense but it can also be very amusing. My ideal clients read this website, resonate and come in and get started. It can be that simple and straightforward!