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COVID-19 is a high stress time. Mike has openings for new individuals and couples. All therapy done by Zoom.

Mike Thomas, LMFT

I'm a former corporate IT consultant who does not do the quiet, nod and empathize style therapy. I quickly share what I'm seeing, and I'm balanced in helping you both see the role you play in your misery.

My first job is to figure out the pattern of your problems. There are only a handful of them that every couple does. I then try to quickly get you both on board with what I'm seeing, so we can quickly figure out the goals and how to get there. Session one ideally!

I'm not a passive therapist. Laughing is common, I humanize what you're going through, and I appreciate when you dislike something I say because it means we can hash it out. It proves to me you are really honest. Without honesty, couples therapy dies.

Whether you’re being told to find a counselor, or are the one pursuing help, I hold firmly that there is no good guy/bad guy in a marriage.  There are as many marriage styles as there are people, so I focus on who you both are and what you want out of your marriage. No boiler plate models or formulas.

I am married with two teenagers and in my spare time, I do tasks around the house and do a lot of nerdy computer gaming, usually with complex strategy and story lines.

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